GOP is an engineering design firm that dedicates to the elaboration of studies and projects in all aspects of engineering, constituted by engineers, project managers and experts. Its aim is to offer a complete service and of high quality to its clients.With over 40 years of experience, the effort and dedication to the project contribute so that the final result is positive, the representation of dreams and goals of those who idealize the project. This attitude has allowed GOP to participate in projects that mark the history of contemporary architecture and engineering in Portugal and in the rest of the World.

“An engineer that´s invisible, in which the building, the structure and equipment are an uniform body, whose construction involves a great deal of ability, originality, risk and innovation. This has been the mark of GOP´s work in the last 40 years. GOP stands out by the way of conceiving the engineer work and the engineer discipline itself as an integral part of the creativity process of the project and not only a simple calculating exercise intended to sustain the building. With an objective posture to the projects problems, GOP has been positioning With an objective posture to the projects problems, GOP has been positioning itself as a preferred partner, either in project development, either in terms of the team internationalization, that´s the result of several partnerships that have been developed in various parts of the globe. Right now GOP effectively covers South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

In order to complement existing partnerships and implement the internationalization strategy of the company, GOP is now opening an office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, aiming, on the one hand formalize the presence in a market where is already operating for several years, on the other to support future interventions in other south America countries.

This international experience is extremely important; the contact with different cultures, technologies, knowledge, building techniques and clients is a great challenge for an office as GOP. These experiences are a clear competitive advantage, since they allow finding better ways to serve customers and develop new skills in their employees.

An enriching experience was the Iberê Camargo Museum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where a Portuguese team coordinated the architectural and engineering projects in a building that marked the introduction of new construction concepts.

It was the first building made of apparent white concrete in Brazil, with a daring structure in which the outer sleeves of closed hollow section, are resistant. It was the first building to use a cooling solution based on ceilings and walls with radiant panels that allow maintain a sense of natural freshness. The lighting system used measures the intensity of the light to compensate for natural light, maintaining a constant brightness throughout the day.

From the beginning that in GOP, the technical excellence of the solutions is one of the objectives of the company. It´s for this reason that over the years it has been developed technical works of research to optimize and solve the problems that are found. Based on these studies several papers were published in specialized journals so that the valued, among them are included the following topics:

Seismic Action – Porch composite structures – Wall.
Reinforced Concrete and pre-stressed; Shrinkage and Creep.
Puncture resistance of reinforced concrete.
Buildings Subjected to Transverse measures, cracking by shear.
Resistance to torsion reinforced concrete.
Concrete reinforced, cracking under tensile bending, cutting and twisting

The concern about the quality of service and organization of all the information is for GOP is a crucial aspect in the development of each project, which is why it was naturally regarded the process f quality certification, which allowed obtaining the ISO9001: 2000 in 2004 and later in 2009 the ISOO9001: 2008.

This certification and all the processes associated with it contribute positively to improving the quality of services, as well as the organization of the information that today is vital to achieve high levels of quality and efficiency in a project.

In this sense it was important to implement the information management system, GOP WEBSITE, which allows in a simple and efficient way to get access to all the information.


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GOP intends to position itself in the engineering projects market as a preferred partner in providing integrated solutions in terms of engineering projects, in this sense it focuses on a range of services in five key areas:

In Building Projects, the detail makes the difference and it´s in the concern to ensure that the smallest detail is handled accurately that one can archive excellence in a project. This pursuit of excellence of a project should always ensure the overall efficiency of the building, not only in terms of construction costs as well as energy efficiency during the exploration, ensuring a sustainable manner not only the safety of its occupants but also comfort levels desired. It is in the analyses of the integration of active and passive systems that lies the secret of success. The importance of careful analysis of the life cycle of the building, which involves design, construction, maintenance, use and further developments and recycling ,lead to sustainable solution, that take into account global costs of the construction and maintenance.

The Economic Studies and Urban Planning, focus primarily on providing sustainable solutions that enable the development of the areas under study ensuring the return of the investment in an efficiently way. These are the projects that involve multidisciplinary teams with valences ranging from design technical areas to financial studies for funding and return of capital. Projects are very motivating; the possibility of intervening in the urban design of a site and changing environment in order to improve the lives of those who enjoy the space is a very rewarding task. It is precisely in the correct integration of all the valences that best results are achieved, ensuring that all parameters associated to the project are taken into account and that the solution represents the best balance possible.

The infrastructure project is a project where creativity associated with technical modeling are crucial important in developing the project, finding new solutions to optimize costs and finding construction methods are the major challenges of these type of projects. GOP faces this project as challenges to creativity in finding new solutions, using high-performance tools for the development of a project where the integration of all specialties is a cardinal rule to find the most effective solution. The specific needs of each project have led to go deeper in the improvement of technical skills associated with engineering, or be developing new skills or by the investigation of already mastered.

In Consulting Projects GOP aims to provide technical assets capacity to develop teams of consultants who aim to provide creative, practical and sustainable projects involving financial aspects, technical, commercial and strategic. These projects are characterized by a focus on financial stability, predictable results and return of investment. In this sense the approach to risk management extends to a technical and financial perspective which leads to the contribution to the project is to create value by introducing solutions, option and concepts aimed at achieving optimum results.

The Special Technical Solutions aim to study in detail a process to develop solutions that ensure the resolution of the problem under study. In this sense GOP over the years has developed studies that aim in each of the vast engineering areas, obtain optimal results and overcome the projects problems. This work is done in each specialty and in the coordination level, obtaining the same technical integrated solutions. These projects represent the commitment of GOP in Research and Development, an area that has enabled us to obtain tools and processes that are later integrated into the company´s production thus leading to better results and a range of technical solutions available.

In this way GOP wants to achieve a leadership position in providing engineering solutions in an integrated and global way, using their partnerships to enhance the provision of services on a global scale.