Armanda Passos House

Oporto, Portugal


The house Armanda Passos, designed by Álvaro Siza is located in the Foz do Porto area and is designed to be experienced at all hours of the day. The program included the demolition of the existing house and the construction of three bodies: the multipurpose room, the atelier and the central body, the latter consisting of two floors. These bodies are interconnected and articulated with each other through landscaped patios, punctuated by the existing trees.

In general, the building consists of reinforced concrete structural walls, adjusted to the architectural typology. The slabs are mostly solid in reinforced concrete, with the exception of the flat floor slab, unidirectional, lightened. The roof slab, given its slightly higher span than the others, conditioned the option for the use of mixed slabs.


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Location: Oporto, Portugal
Client: Private
Year: 2006
Area: 600 m2
Builder: Novopca