Doha Beach House

Doha, Qatar


This is a project of a house located in Al Qassar, Doha-Qatar, with an area of ​​approximately 20000m2, the house has the shape of two L’s arranged symmetrically, one in relation to the other. Altimetrically the house has two floors. On the first floor, recreational areas are developed, such as a gym, cinema room, living rooms, as well as some secondary rooms. Also at this level are the kitchen, garage and the main technical areas where all the machines, pumps and tanks are needed to supply all the existing infrastructure.

On the first floor, there are the main rooms, dining rooms, and some interior gardens. Outside, the house also comprises two pools and a huge lake, which surrounds the entire internal area of ​​the two L’s and goes around the so-called majlis, located in the center of the two volumes.

Highlighting the elevations of the house that show the variable height of the ceiling as we move longitudinally along the house … They start at about 9.50 meters and “die” to zero, as if perfect triangles. Given its particular location and architectural requirements, this project meant that quick and innovative solutions from a technical and execution point of view were essential. An example of this is the large glass facades that involved an exhaustive study of window frames as well as energy efficiency and management. Also the contact with external rules and regulations, allowed the comparison with other solutions and in this way contributed to the development of new concepts and even new and different working methods.

The villa is part of a plot with four fronts. On the east side, it is surrounded by the sea, on the west and north by paved roads; on the south side is an undeveloped area. In terms of topography, the site is generally flat and composed essentially of silty sand with limestone gravel and some shell fragments.

Regarding atmospheric conditions, we can find average temperatures of 49ºC in summer, and in winter 12ºC. The average humidity is 62%. It is not located in a seismic zone and the wind speed is 130 km / h. Structurally it was opted in general for a portico solution (frames with a span of 12.5m). The porches are placed on the ground floor every 5 / 7.5 meters alternately; on the first floor, the distance is 12.5 meters.

Across the porches, and given the 12.50-meter spans, we opted for a solution of metal trusses for the roof beams, using the same type of metal sections in the core profiles, thus optimizing their manufacture and execution. In order to guarantee the good locking and rigidity of the set, some 20cm thick reinforced concrete walls were also proposed.

As for the horizontal structural elements, for the slabs of the first floor, an average thickness of 25 cm was proposed; in garden areas, both indoors and outdoors, the thickness has been increased to 35cm; on the roof, we opted for a unidirectional solution through mixed beams. In the foundations, given the characteristics of the terrain provided through the geotechnical report, indirect solutions (piles) were chosen, locked at ground level by a 45cm thick slab.


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Location: Doha, Qatar
Client: Private
Year: 2010
Area: 19 900 m2
Builder: Dara Engineering Consultants