High Performance Sport Center

Panticosa, Spain


Designed to be Sport Mountain High Performance center in relatively small batch for the vast program to build. From this assumption resulted in a very unique building in its pathways, with various internal levels with extensive detail. Consequently the Structure in reinforced concrete laminar elements, has a difficult project reading, but functional due to the charge transfer ability of these elements. The biggest challenge however was the execution of the apparent face in white concrete that surrounds the entire building but had to be disconnected from the remaining structure, given the extreme weather conditions, allowing to place the thermal insulation.

This external “shell”, continuous and concreted in situ, implied the use of innovative techniques and systems such as the insertion of supports that allow the imperative thermal expansion of the concrete.

The building is largely buried, in granular soil with a high water table, so it was necessary to build a perimeter cofferdam wall using two rows of soil-cement columns. It was also necessary to anchor the bottom slab to resist upward pressures. Since the beginning of the design, the building has been equipped with a perimeter gallery with the function of ensuring the absence of infiltration’s in the habitable areas.

This gallery would also allow the distribution of infrastructure from the technical areas, which would be impossible otherwise, given the complexity of the routes.

Fortunately, in the course of the execution of the micro-piles and anchorages, a shaft of hot thermal water was intercepted, resulting in a revision of the project to allow its routing and utilization.

The building has a gym, indoor pool with appliances, massage rooms and various treatments, sauna, heated outdoor pool, thermal baths, solarium and an extensive technical area necessary for the operation of this equipment and water storage / treatment.


Location: Panticosa, Spain
Client: Nozar
Year: 2002