Hotel Palace Vidago

Vidago, Chaves


The Hotel Palace Vidago is one of the most famous luxury historical hotels in Portugal. In 1910, 100 years after being inaugurated, it was subject to an extensive and complex restoration process, preserving its architectural heritage and adapting it to the demands of a reference hotel unit in the 5 star category. Added to the existing building, a new unit with 2500m2 is born, which constitutes the Spa

The new volumes are new structures built with reinforced concrete slabs and walls. The main volume, pre-existing, consists of 6 floors and has its interior structure almost entirely remade, keeping the exterior longitudinal and transversal masonry walls that delimit the bodies. In the South wing, the presence of the restaurant room, forced the adoption, in the upper floors, of a structure with facade/frontage operation with mixed beams with 15 cm slabs and HEB 300 profiles.

The roof structures were made of wood, partially using the existing trusses (upper part) but using a solid slab on the last floor to support some of the equipment. All existing walls were surveyed and consolidated for progression in depth below the foundation levels and detection of pathologies related to settling of the foundation soils that required deep consolidation. The demolition procedures maintaining the structural integrity of the elements to be maintained and the protection of some of the interior linings.

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Location: Vidago, Chaves
Client: VMPS, SA
Year: 2010