House in Formentor

Formentor, Palma de Maiorca, Spain


Inserted in a magnificent pine forest and occupying a land of about 3500 m2, this house is located on a steep slope, between the street and the Mediterranean sea, at the eastern end of the Palma de Mallorca peninsula.

It consists of three large volumes, integrating each over the existing topography of a platform located 22 meters above the sea level, communicating with each other through irregular passages.

The little space for the execution of the works, due to the accentuated slope, was a determining factor in the whole process of execution of the work, often conditioning the works, and as such, the approach to the successive problems that arose, namely those of containment and excavation. Given the relative good consistency and cohesion of the soil, the low presence of water and the “insulation” from neighboring buildings, a flexible Berlin-type wall solution was proposed.

Also highlight the great concern with sustainability throughout the entire project and construction phase: the use of environmentally friendly materials, the optimization and exploitation of all existing resources between the house and the outside environment, taking advantage of maximum energy efficiency. Examples are green roofs, openings (light and ventilation) facing south, the outer thermal insulation, etc …


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Location: Formentor, Palma de Maiorca, Spain
Client: Private
Year: 2007
Area: 560 m2
Builder: –