House in Gerês

Caniçada, Vieira do Minho, Portugal


This weekend house, located in the Peneda-Gerês National Park, results from the reconstruction and expansion of a ruin, in a place that has unique morphological characteristics, bordering the Cávado river and an affluent stream. The pre-existing area of the ruin, the passion for water skiing, the topography, the tree density and the great rainfall of the region, resulted in a simple but bold proposal.

The volume, practically 7.50 meters in height, is supported by the lower slab.
This slab consists of a grid of three beams of variable height, either longitudinally or transversely, taking advantage of both the high stiffness and inertia in the area of the supports, and its low own weight on the free edge, with beneficial effects also in the control rigorous deformation, both in the short and long term. The pavement was made using unidirectional light slabs. In order to optimize the support conditions, foundation pits were made at the top of the slope.

As a partially buried house, seen from the main entrance, the house seems minimized; however, seen from the river, it appears as a glass frame disguised in the vegetation. The relationship established by the project and the ruin defines both accesses and the scale of the intervention, transforming pre-existence into a constant presence inside the house, like any other element of nature.

Correia  / Ragazzi


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Location: Caniçada, Vieira do Minho, Portugal
Client: Private
Year: 2006
Area: 150 m2
Builder: Almeidas & Magalhães, Lda