Hydroelectric exploitation for River Tua’s Mouth

Foz do Tua, Douro, Portugal

Very diverse projects that included everything from supporting the design of several metalworks necessary for the operation of the plant to the execution of the project to implement the Environmental Recovery Plan for the vast area that suffered intervention during construction. Also included were the projects for: a 660m3 water deposit, isolated element on the slope, and respective road access; the design of the vegetal covering of the upstream building, which required the use of less usual solutions with the use of geofoam, shotcrete and blankets in geocomposites suspended by cables; the POC building, a steel structure element almost suspended from the slope and the reorganization of the entire drainage network in the surrounding area.


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Location: Foz do Tua, Douro, Portugal
Client: EDP
Year: 2016
Area: 126 968 m2
Builder: Sacyr Somague