Ibere Camargo Foundation

Porto Alegre, Brazil


The Iberê Camargo foundation is designed by Siza Vieira, it´s a contemporary art museum sponsored by Gerdau and it´s works as a deposit to the extended work of the most remarkable gaucho painter.

This building is implemented in a plan ground situated in the base of a slopping hillside. It stands as an unique building in white concrete with three exterior suspended ramps and 3 interiors that compose the visit way of the museum with an atrium with a ceiling height of 3 floors. It has a huge basement floor and a long parking under the marginal avenue of the river.

The challenge was to conceive a basement without interrupting the traffic, in one of the most busy avenues. In the constructive process we may stand the parking designed longitudinally sectioned so that the traffic may flow. The concrete and the structure were through very small concreting sections given its complexity, always refrigerated because of the high temperatures.

The building shows several different specific solutions: sewage with plants, recirculation of dark waters, and solution of low temperatures not existing in the country (Wall expanding cold) and lightening with small lamps that simulate the exterior light (Counterbalancing the light losses during the day). It´s Important to stand that it is the first building in white concrete.


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Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Client: Private
Year: 2003
Area: 1350 m2