Lagoon Fishing Quays

Ria de Aveiro


The creation of conditions for the valorisation and maintenance of traditional economic activities linked to the fishing sector included rehabilitation work, de-silting, providing facilities and increasing berthing capacity at the Bestida wharf, Puchadouro wharf, Gafanha d’Aquém wharf and Torreira port.

In the Porto de Abrigo da Torreira, very degraded, the parking basin was depleted and increased; the floating berthing and mooring structures were substituted, reorganized and increased; a rockfill jetty and a floating breakwater wall were built to protect the basin. In gafanha d’aquem, a palafitico wharf in a mud zone, the access road was reformulated; a working platform was built next to the shore and floating berthing and mooring structures were installed. The Bestida wharf was equipped with fenced-in storage areas and lighting. In the pier of puchadouro, a walled channel with block walls in pre-ruin and submerged in the flood level, the alignment of the wall and elevated platform and a small ramp for access was carried out.

Location: Ria de Aveiro
Client: Polis Litoral – Ria de Aveiro
Year: 2012