Nadir Afonso Museum of Contemporary Art



In a flat area, strongly marked by the river Tâmega, in the city of Chaves, we find this museum that brings together two of the greatest masters of the arts in Portugal: the architect Álvaro Siza and the painter and philosopher, Nadir Afonso.

The only floor of the building is elevated about three metres from the ground, both to safeguard it and its collection, as it is located in a flood zone. This elevation is achieved by supporting the building on a series of walls, with an apparently random layout and orientation, which allow the building to be released from the ground.

The floor walls, which are predominantly perpendicular to the lower walls, support the slabs and allow great flexibility in the formulation of architectural spaces.

The choice of white concrete as the exterior finishing material also emphasises the strong structural technical component of this work.

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Location: Chaves
Client: Fundação Nadir Afonso
Year: 2015