New ESAP Facilities

Bonfim, Porto


The new CESAP/ESAP facilities arose from the need to relocate and modernize the existing facilities, located in the historic center of Porto. Phase 1 of this project consisted of the construction and rehabilitation of areas dedicated to teaching and administrative activities, inserted in an old industrial complex, designed by the architect Viana de Lima.

The design of the areas dedicated to teaching had to adapt to the constraints imposed by the existing structure of the industrial hall, which consisted of a modular system with reinforced concrete frames, with spacings of 6 meters, which supports rafters also in reinforced concrete of the “shed” type and a peripheral stone masonry wall.

The design team’s solution for the construction of the program took advantage of this repetitiveness of the existing structure, materializing the classrooms through steel frames (HEB140) and unidirectional alveolar precast concrete slabs, which were inserted between the existing frames, thus achieving a great saving in construction costs and time.

This structure was founded on isolated footings, with grade beams between them, taking care not to damage the foundation of the existing structure. In the case of the columns closest to the peripheral wall, the foundation consists of a peripheral reinforced concrete tunnel which, additionally, also has the function of accommodating all the technical installations, for subsequent distribution inside the classrooms, through the existing space between the steel frames, corresponding to the existing concrete structure.

A structural assessment and rehabilitation of the existing reinforced concrete structure was also carried out, given its advanced state of degradation, with evident cracking and detachment of the concrete, as well as to safeguard its structural integrity in view of the new roofing solution to be implemented.

Finally, the new exposed concrete structures built in the common areas of the industrial hall (stairs and ramp) and in the areas adjacent to the industrial hall (toilets and dressing rooms) should also be highlighted.


Location: Bonfim, Porto
Client: Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Artístico (CESAP/ ESAP)
Year: 2022