Promise – Single Family Home in Grândola



This single-family house, located in Grândola, was commissioned by a client whose vision was to create a structure capable of provoking experiences. It is a complex project, consisting of several autonomous and independent structures scattered on the ground, allowing both in the design and execution phase to test some different methods and technical solutions; and later, the user to experience in a different way, time and space in the natural landscape.

In this project, several types of fair-faced concrete were used: in the main volumes and from the inside, a pink and smooth concrete; outside, a concrete of low consistency and irregular compactness, applied by tamping in several layers (rammed concrete); in other types of structures, solutions with white smooth concrete and irregular textures were adopted. 

The use of mechanical systems was avoided, taking advantage both through the thickness of the walls and the volumes buried. 

The thermal insulation and waterproofing were placed in a “box” between the two interior and exterior concrete surfaces, allowing easy access for the assembly and future maintenance of the frames and respective infrastructures.

espaço de arquitetura

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Location: Grândola
Client: Particular
Year: 2023