Sculpture in Fideris

Fideris, Switzerland

This exposed concrete space, located in the Swiss Alps, has the function of exhibiting a sculpture made by the plastic artist Rui Chafes. Despite its small area (about 40m2), its design and execution are extremely complex.

It is located in a basement of a building and therefore difficult to access, with very little space and where it was proposed, a very short execution time.

The exhaustive study of the formwork stands out (whose dimensions of the panels were strongly conditioned by the pressure / impulse of the concrete, as well as the control of the concrete stresses, given the difficulty of placing the reinforcement (they only exist occasionally).

The difficult conditions for controlling the concreting from the outside also required a strict control of the filling speed and the temperature of the concrete, in order to control within reasonable limits, the pressure of the concrete on the form-work.


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Location: Fideris, Switzerland
Year: 2014
Area: 40 m2