Sernancelhe Primary School EB1

Sernacelhe, Portugal


It is a primary school in the 1st cycle, located in Sernancelhe, district of Viseu.

“The school is on the edge of the village, where everything is evenly dispersed, as a large village; does not distinguished rural from urban”

It has two floors: on the first, with wider spaces, are the service areas; on the first floor are the classrooms.

The main elements that give stability to the structure are the south façade wall and the wall that divides the corridor and the rooms, with thicknesses of 28 and 25 cm respectively, both being supported on pillars.

The raised floor is thus suspended, only partially supported on the lower floor and on four pillars.

The slabs adopted are all solid with the exception of the 0 floor where lightened slabs were adopted; foundations are indirect (piles), given the considerable thickness of landfill on the ground.


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Location: Sernacelhe, Portugal
Client: Sernancelhe’s City Hall
Year: 2014
Area: 2 672 m2
Builder: Ascop, Lda.