Sports Pavilion of Gondomar

Gondomar, Portugal


The Pavilion of Gondomar has a total area of 53 square meters, of which 9483 m2 is covered and 43,517 m2 is open area. The Cost amounted to 20 million euros, of which four million were spent for the acquisition of Lands.

The Pavilion, with an elliptical shape, Allows culture and Sports events, for which has a maximum capacity of 4,400 Spector’s over 4 benches. The capacity may be up to 8,000 spectator’s capacity at events that can provide the public standing, such as concerts. Physically one can consider two distinct areas.

The Pavilion itself, elliptical, with its resistance interior constituted of a double wall (resistance spaced about 4 meters), linked by normal walls and floor levels 4. On Top of this ring is supported the cover, it consists of a lightweight lattice. With direct and continuous foundations (generally of the solution applied to the building), the pavilion has a floor comprising a concrete slab with 20cm thickness. Inside, there are three fixed benches, whose structure consists of solid inclined slabs, supported by round reinforced concrete pillars.

Annex to the pavilion intended for its support and structure is composed of resistant reinforced concrete elements or mixed of concrete and steel. Generally the building, the structural design is based on the interconnecting vertical planes, forming a mesh nearly orthogonal, which supported plates, which will sometimes have a considerable Size.

The atrial access is covered by a concrete shell supported on one side of two columns that support the weight and momentum horizontal ant at the other end is suspended from a terminal in the coverage of the building being contiguous pulses transmitted by short columns supported on the wall / building contiguous vertical Slab (Punching Shear).



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Location: Gondomar, Portugal
Client: Gondomar Council
Year: 2000
Area: 53 000 m2
Builder: Ferreira Build Power