University of Lérida

Lérida, Spain


The Faculty of Education, University of Lérida, located at the northeast corner of Lérida Campus Cappont, occupies a plot with 4092m2. Schematically, the building has an L shape, and in the ground floor becomes a U, embracing the square building access.
On the ground floor, in the west wing, we find the administrative and management areas of the college. In its L articulation, where converge the access, the square and the pedestrian pathway campus, are the hall and central nucleus of the vertical circulation. From the hall rises the ramp-corridor in the direction of the north wing communicates with the large surface areas such as music rooms, In its continuation is an arm which extends to form the U, where is located the gym.

The body oriented to the West is supported by the longitudinal consoles which develop over the entire height of the building (cércea amounts which, in its entire perimeter, to 16m). The floors are supported on the below pillar, are rotation supported by the facade elements of its alignment, and ensure the overall stability of the volume. This is 6660m2 building whose estimated cost exceeds nine million euros.
In upper floors, the building follows a close repetition of functions and spaces, ensuring the flow of important circulation. It is a structure composed by resistant elements.


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Location: Lérida, Spain
Client: Faculty of Education, Universuty of Lleida
Year: 2002
Area: 6 660 m2